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Perception is Everything

It’s why we wear a suit and tie to the interview, why we get our hair cut or do our makeup in a certain way. Perception is everything. And while our outward image has little to do with our value as people or companies, it has plenty to do with our chances to demonstrate that value.

Consider this website for the ghostwriter Andrew Crofts. It’s one of many if you Google “ghostwriter” — better than some, worse than others. Actually, the site itself doesn’t look that good. But there’s something else I want to draw your attention to: the video on the homepage. It may take a minute to load, but watch a little when it does, and think about the impression it makes on you.

The interesting thing here is that the content of the video doesn’t matter. Crofts could be talking about his latest project, his favorite place to write, or the top 10 reasons to start on your book. The point is that it looks good. The video is professionally done, and so makes its subject look like a pro. I don’t know anything about Crofts’ work or writing style, but I see that video and my perception is: “this guy’s the real deal.” If I needed his services, I wouldn’t hesitate to hire him.

All great marketing materials can work like that. They don’t have to be overtly salesy (or overtly anything). They can be clever, funny, scary or dramatic. But they should reflect real thought, effort, and investment. A well-thought out slogan or a well-edited HD video shows the world you care about what you’re doing and saying. It legitimizes your operation. It’s your company’s suit and tie.

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