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Nobody Cares About “Best”

Key stakeholders and decision makers care a lot about best. They want to make the best product they can. To refine their service using best practices, and know they’ve given their best effort to produce something great. That’s good. Going after “best” means having the relentless quality-focus that market-ready products require.

But no one outside the company really cares about it.

Honestly. We (the consumers) might say we care about “best,” might even think we care about it. But what we really care about is satisfying an emotional need.

Like belongingness. Or the need to be right. Or the need to feel smart.

Getting the “best” product might be part of that, but it’s not the major driver of our purchasing decision. The major driver is catharsis. “Best” is, at best, incidental. And best is in the eye of the beholder.

Just look at Pepsi, who tried with blind taste tests to establish superiority over Coke. Or Coke, who tried to convince us “New Coke” was even better than the original. Nobody cared.

So… don’t show us 10 Reasons Product X is Best, show us someone we respect using it. Don’t tell us Lexus is the best car on the market, show us it’s what successful people drive.

As a new brand doing video for the first time, you’re in a rare position to establish what you stand for, to decide what space you’ll occupy in the hearts and minds of your customers. Established brands have it rougher, but they can still use video and other media to re-frame the way people think of them. (The way Avis re-framed their permanent number 2 position to seem like an advantage — “We try harder.”)

Just don’t tell us you’re the best. We probably don’t care. What’s worse, many of us just won’t believe it.

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