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But Not Too Much

We all have friends who like roller coasters. ‘Extreme’ friends who love horror films or death metal bands. Friends who thrive on fear or stress or adrenaline and are generally, really, pretty badass…

…but not too much. Because our motorcycle-riding friends still wear helmets and signal in traffic. None of them actually have a death wish. None of them are gangsters or ex-cons. If they were, they probably wouldn’t be our friends.

And that’s what you have to think about when choosing a personality for your brand. You might stand for ruggedness or competence or new age spirituality, but you have to figure out where your audience’s line is. There’s a such thing as too alternative or too extreme. It all depends on who you’re speaking to.

You learn these subtleties by listening to your customers, and by hanging out at the same venues and in the same online communities.

Talk with the person doing your marketing, and certainly let them know what you stand for. But also let them know when they’re going too far. A little left or right of center is okay (preferable, actually), but even the most extreme audience will have boundaries. It behooves you to know them.

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