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Speak Softly

…and substantiate your arguments. That’s one way to stand out, especially if your competitors are fond of hyperbole, adjectives, and empty statements. Be the one who makes simple statements, then backs them up with evidence and great performance.

An IT friend of ours does this to great effect. While everyone else in his technical field is busy talking big – discussing the ‘two billion data points‘ they’ve managed ‘end-to-end‘ across the ‘full stack‘ at the ‘enterprise level‘ – our friend states simply what he can do. Then he provides his clients with test scores, showing his percentile in each knowledge area.

To our knowledge, no one else in his field is substantiating their resume in quite this way. And it’s a differentiator for him. More than a few clients have commented on how impressed they were by it, and how (more importantly) they were sold by it.

You can do the same, and should, especially if you’re selling something intangible (like IT services). It’s fine to pepper in a few adjectives when you’re talking about a car – something physical that people can see and feel. But when you’re selling the abstract, it’s more important to be concrete. Be simple, honest, and direct. And use those test scores (or that killer website or those awards and testimonials) to make your service as real as possible.

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