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Exciting vs. Relevant

It’s an important distinction to make, especially because what’s exciting to you may be irrelevant to your audience. Or, worse, boring and irrelevant.

We’re reminded of an old standup routine poking fun at local news ads – how they always seem to be excited about new technology (have a quick peak here: Does anyone in the audience care about Doppler 5000, or “Chopper 4”? Aren’t we more interested in what’s happening in our community, what affects us, and what we can gossip about?

It’s funny, but it makes a serious point. As business owners or department heads, we can become enamored with our own products and processes. We lose touch with what audiences actually care about – and what compels them to buy.

Which is not to say that showing off your tech is always irrelevant. For a new business, or a small business, a helicopter or sophisticated computer is a big deal. It goes a long way toward establishing the credibility that makes bigger clients buy.

But for “News Channel 4,” it’s wasted ad time. Make sure you’re not wasting your marketing budget on things only you care about. Take time to connect with your audience. Send feedback forms to your fans. Hang out where they hang out. And don’t be afraid to ask: “what message should we be sharing?”

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