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What’s Your Opener?

That’s what our speech teacher wanted to know: what’s your attention grabber? What’s the line you lead with that gets everyone to lean forward and pay attention?

Sometimes the line isn’t a line. Sometimes it’s an attitude. Or mood music. Sometimes it’s a camera angle — a peculiar shot the audience never expected to see — one that holds their interest for the next shot, and the next one, and the next…

Here’s one thing your opener should never be:

“Do you want to buy my product?”

It’s the equivalent of asking every girl (or guy) if she (he) wants to date you. It’s an easy question to say “no” to. Especially when you’ve done nothing to earn the “yes”.

Your initial video or mailing list “welcome message” should focus primarily on generating interest. It should raise questions and create speculations. It should get people excited about interacting with you.

It should not be some boring, overbearing sales message we’ve heard a thousand times before.

Be different. Your initial outreach might actually reach somebody.

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