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Who Do You Choose To Hear?

There’s no right answer, but it pays to ask the question: who are you choosing to hear? And why?

Are you only looking to bask in the glow of unconditional praise? Maybe you listen to friends, or to a complimentary (but non-committal) stranger. These folks don’t have a financial stake in what you do. They like you and want you to feel good. They’ll say nice things, but rarely unlimber their wallet.

Then there’s current customers. You can ask what they like or loathe. This is more relevant to the bottom line (assuming your customers know what they like), and can help you improve on doing more of the same. But it’s not going to push you to change much.

The third option is figuring out where you want to be in six months (or a year, or ten), and imagining your ‘ideal’ clients in that future place. Then you go out and find those people right now. Listen to them.

Like we said, there’s no right answer. But who you choose to hear will change how you choose to speak. In your videos and in your sales pitches. Do you want to secure your position or make a change? Or do you just want to feel good about yourself?

Listen wisely. Then choose your words.

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