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Do Anything

…that’s what Harry Beckwith reminds us in Selling The Invisible. “Do anything.” Because careful strategy is like a perfectly built castle of sand: it crumbles the second the tide changes.

Better to build in the open. Expose your marketing to audiences and prospects right now. Then keep what works and nix what doesn’t.

Software developers have already embraced this chaos. Their ‘Agile’ method of development emphasizes working prototypes over careful planning and documentation. They turn orders into working programs ASAP. Then collect feedback. Then repeat. Creating successive approximations until the client says ‘okay,’ then tells them to go live.

If the stereotypically starched programmer can be so nimble, why not marketers and entrepreneurs? Don’t let planning, market research, or even reading this blog get in your way of trying something new today.

Make a video. Build a website. Launch something. You’re going to learn from it.


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