Admit The Worst

Every job seeker knows the question, “what’s your biggest weakness?” and most know how you’re supposed to beat it: you phrase your weaknesses as strengths, making yourself sound simultaneously candid and invincible.

Smart strategy. Too bad interviewers see right through it.

It’s the same in the general marketplace: consumers, especially in a B2B situation, can tell when they’re being conned. Today’s hyper-competitive environment – where nearly everybody is working some angle – practically requires it. We’ve all been pitched too much. We’ve developed sophisticated BS detectors as a result.

Here’s the way to do things different: be disarmingly honest. Tell people exactly what your weaknesses are. Tell them why they might not want to use your product, or why your service might not be for them.

Tell them all that, and then when you tell them why they should use you, they’re going to listen. You’ve already established yourself as credible. You’re more than halfway to making a sale.

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