Did It Work?

That’s the only meaningful measure of success, and it’s the question we ought to ask ourselves about every piece of video marketing, from The Most Interesting Man in the World, to Burger King’s creepy “Wake Up With The King” campaign. Did it work? Did it get you (the audience) to change your behavior or attitude? Or was it merely amusing?

Creative types get caught in this trap often. We catch ourselves admiring the aesthetics of a poster, or the sound of a particularly fine turn of phrase. We look at a video and say, “that was really well done.” Sort of like admiring the handwriting on a sign for a lemonade stand. If it doesn’t make us buy a cup, who cares?

Not saying proper execution is useless. It’s not. If you look back through our blog, you’ll see all sorts of ways proper execution can help you solve problems. But you should always start with a problem in mind. Do you want to sell more lemonade? Be seen as a pillar in the lemonade community? Improve public perception of lemonade stands in general?

Talk this over with whomever is doing your marketing. Figure out what problem you’re trying to solve. Then measure and tweak your campaigns, using the appropriate strategies to solve it.

Humor, creativity, and impressive technique are all fine things, but they shouldn’t be done for their own sake. In measuring your effectiveness, the question is not “was it clever?” The question is “did it work?”

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