Eight Essential Questions for Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Video Campaign

Although vSan Francisco video production servicesideo marketing takes some time and effort, it can reap exciting benefits; so many businesses are embracing this effective media option for online marketing. The result is a variety of video content that runs the gamut from a basic 30-second video using an iPhone, to a full on professionally produced video created by a video production company. However, no matter how sophisticated or simple your video, there are some basic questions you can ask to determine whether your video is doing the intended job. Rather than tossing a dart at your hoped-for target, here are eight key questions to help you better gauge the impact of your marking video. Be sure to answer all of them when you launch your next online video marketing campaign:

Can I cross-purpose my video across multiple marketing objectives?
Highly successful marketers create videos that they can re-purpose or re-cut from the original online video format. Examples include trade show videos, sales conference promos, product demonstrations or customer testimonials. Video producers can also format a video to include placeholders that they can change later to promote a variety of products, such as sale or seasonal items.

Does my video encourage sales conversions at key points in the consumer sales journey, by increasing phone calls, link clicks, shopping cart or checkout visits?
Historically, most marketers used videos as a means to generate awareness of their product or service, but many are now recognizing how videos can close a business deal quickly and easily. In addition, online video marketers are using video content to support consumer research online, and to encourage brand confidence in consumers. Videos are increasingly becoming highly interactive, with click-through taking place directly inside the video, often leading to a product content page or a shopping cart. 

How many views does my video capture from my target audience, and how fast do the views add up?
The key factor here is to define your audience, and then identify your market penetration ratio. During the first three months of launching a successful online video, you should see a penetration rate of 10 percent. Most online videos attract attention quickly at the beginning of a campaign, but then taper down after a few months. One way to counteract this is to create a video series, with each one linking to the next, so viewers will want to come back to view the sequence. You could also create different versions of the same video that will continue to build interest, even after the first few months. 

Are viewers are watching all or most of my video?
If viewers are exiting your video quickly without spending any time watching, there could be two fundamental problems. First, the content of the video may not be relevant to your target audience. Second, you may be adding your video to media outlets that are not appropriate venues. Remember, your goal with online content is to create a compelling tease during the first five to ten seconds of your video to compel your viewers want to keep on watching. 

Does my video continue to attract views over the long term?
Most videos have a life span of three to six months; however, a successful video will continue to attract viewers beyond that time frame. Sensational videos attract a large amount of attention in a short time period, but then die out. Traditional content videos will experience a gradual growth curve, but they also tend to last longer. Dramatic or exciting videos work well for new product launches where immediate awareness is a key factor, but traditional content is more conductive to long term brand building for an already-established product.

Does my video build or destroy brand equity?
Many videos use sensationalism and other attention-grabbing techniques to create instant awareness, with the main objective of selling more products quicker, in an effort to catch up with the current competition. There is a strong correlation between this strategy and new product launches, because new products do not have established brand equity; therefore, they have no brand value to lose. In contrast, established brands have substantial value built up in their products, so they are less likely to take the leap and use shocking content to promote their products. 

Does my video integrate with social media easily?
The best outcome you can get from video marketing is creating a viral video that generates millions of views. While this is certainly possible, it is safer to build a comprehensive content strategy using multiple videos and a variety of fresh content. Placing high hopes that your video will go viral is like buying a lottery ticket – your chances of winning are usually quite slim.

How often do viewers share my video online?
Making sure that your video content is sharable is crucial to its success, but you also need to be certain that you maintain final control over how and where people share it. To do this, you need to set up and manage all of your company’s YouTube and Facebook accounts properly, and if you are unsure how to do this, be wise and hire a professional to help you. 

No matter what techniques you use to create your online video marketing campaign, these tips will give you a better idea of how effective your video is promoting your product or services. Ask these questions to improve an existing video, or to make sure your next one helps you reach your marketing objectives. When it comes to online video marketing, knowledge is the power that gives you the edge over your competition.

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