Finding a Video Production Company for Your Online Marketing: Ten Questions to Make the Process a Snap

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By now, most businesses understand the strong marketing power of a professionally-created video for their online marketing campaigns. An engaging and relevant video is one of the best tools to attract website visitors, as well as to keep them coming back, and hopefully to encourage them to become both loyal customers and brand evangelists, too. However, this marketing insight has created a bigger issue: Fierce competition. Let’s face it, many companies are out there vying for the attention of online users, so your video has to stand out above the rest in order for people to notice it and want to view it. For this reason, hiring a professional video marketing company is the most effective way to create a video that will serve as your top marketing tool.

The most important factor to remember is to shop around for the right video production company, because there are so many that have recently cropped up to answer the demand for online video production. Taking the time to screen each one will help you find a company you will want to work with for years, creating a long-term business relationship that will benefit you both exceedingly well.

Here are ten questions that will help you choose the best video production company for your specific needs:

1. Do you offer scriptwriting services? A professional video production service will offer scriptwriting or editing services, using images and music to tell your story creatively. You can ask them for samples, so you can get an idea of how they write, such as tone and structure. An experienced company will also let you contribute during the scriptwriting process.

 2. Do you include marketing services? A reputable video production company understands their services don’t stop after they have completed your video. Choose a company that will not only help you produce your video, but will also help you market it effectively. They should have people on board who are knowledgeable in online marketing techniques, such as SEO, so that they can add the right keywords to make your marketing video easy for people to find.

 3. Do you offer many choices? When selecting your video production company, make sure to find out if they provide a variety of packages to fit your needs, both now and in the future. Ask them if what types of videos they offer, and if they are willing to create a custom concept, should you need it. You don’t want to have to do start shopping for a video company all over again, so make certain the company will focus on keeping your branding consistent with the rest of your marketing platforms. Look for a top-notch video production company that asks to review your current marketing materials, such as pamphlets and advertisements in order to gain more insight on your specific needs and goals.

 4. Are you truly professional? For best results, check to make sure your creative professional is really a professional. Find out what professional associations they belong to, such as the Chamber of Commerce. Find out if they have any complaints to the Better Business Bureau. Check to see if their clients come back for repeat business, and make sure that the equipment they use is professional and up-to-date.

 5. Do you have references or testimonials? Client references and testimonials will give you reliable information about a video production company. They should come from firsthand experience of past customers. Ask them to share references with you and make sure to follow up on them. With some video production companies, you can look for reviews and/or complaints online. However, do keep in mind that one negative complaint or review does not make a bad company. If you are uncertain about what you find online about them, ask for an explanation of how they handled this unhappy customer. This will give you some insight as to how they deal with their clients on a regular basis.

 6. Can I view your portfolio? Video production companies are creative professionals and artists, so you should be able to identify their style in their projects. If their past projects don’t meet with your vision and preferences, you are most likely not a match. Make sure your tastes and the voice of your company align with the artistic creativity of the video company. A professional video service enjoys showing off their creative work, so look at a few their past projects, so you can get an idea of their style. You should also look for the following:

  • Engaging and relevant storylines
  • Clear and appropriate audio
  • Well-presented interviews and cameos
  • Properly-balanced colors and lighting
  • Evenly and creatively-framed shots
  • Attractive captions and consistent fonts

 7. Can you meet my goals? Bear in mind, anyone can buy video equipment, learn some basic video editing skills, and then call themselves a video marketing professional. A professional video production company will know exactly how to convey your story through images and sound in an online video. Make sure that your online video production company can tell an engaging story that will captivate your audience, so be sure to browse their portfolio, and take time to view a few samples from beginning to end. Make sure that the professional video company you hire has the creative, technical and marketing expertise to align with the goals of your company.

 8. Can you meet my budget? Have a ballpark budget in mind when you talk to a professional video production company. True professionals will give you a realistic idea of what they can accomplish within your budget. Even if you are not sure what your project goals are, a good professional should still be able to offer you some viable choices, so talk to them about your budget, as well as your project goals. A professional video company will let you know whether they can work with you or not, and in the worst-case scenario, they can refer you to someone that can work within your financial means.

 9. Can you work with my schedule? Are you a start-up business with a big media campaign set to launch on a specific date, or can you take your time with the project before you have to launch it? Are you in the midst of a big branding update and need everything released on a certain time schedule? Whatever your situation may be, make certain your video production company knows your time constraints, and is sure they can help you work within them.

 10. What makes you different from other video production companies? There is an important reason to ask this question last. Give the video company time to learn what your goals and visions are for your brand and your marketing campaign. If they have listened to you carefully, they will be able to tell you why they feel they are a good fit for your company. And, if they answer this question with any negative talk of their competition, consider that a red flag. A professional video production company will be able to express their unique value to you with ease. They should never have to bash another company just to get your business.

Remember, the success of your online marketing video depends on clear communication between you and your video production company. Make sure you choose one that listens to your ideas and goals carefully, and then comes up with useful ideas and a solid plan for creating effective online content for you. They should also have a firm grasp on how to incorporate videos into your website, social media and other digital marketing platforms. So take the time and effort necessary to find the best video production company for you and your business, so you’ll have an invaluable ally in the war to win viewership, as well as to promote your brand.

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