When It’s Okay To Brag (A Little)

We’ve outlined a few marketing “rules” over the course of this blog, including the Sacred Directive to never talk about oneself (or to at least avoid talking about oneself whenever possible). Marketing, we’ve said, is all about the client. And that’s true. In the main, clients don’t want to hear your story. They want to hear about them. They want you to tell them how you can make their lives better.

But all those blatantly self-promotional materials can serve a purpose. The trick is figuring out the timing. There’s a time and a place to brag (a little), but it’s later, after you’ve secured client interest and (ideally) sealed the deal.

It helps to think about client engagements as romantic relationships. As below:

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You might think that’s a weird place to do your bragging, but trust us, it’s necessary. Especially if you’re selling a service – something invisible and intangible. You need to reassure clients that they’ve made a good decision in hiring you. Do this by highlighting awards and accomplishments, fresh testimonials and successful new clients.

You can do it with a quarterly newsletter or a quarterly video – something short and sweet, maybe 90 seconds on “See What’s Happening at Doe & Associates.” Just remember not to brag too much or too often. And, as with initial phase marketing, tie everything back to the client (“we’re expanding to better serve you, etc. etc.”).

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