Sell To The Few

…The fans. The people who actually need what you can offer… and are willing to pay for it.

In an audience of 100, maybe 10 people will be willing to buy your book or follow up lecture. That’s okay. Tailor your presentation to those 10, and forget trying to “convince” or “persuade” the others.* Those 10 fans are already convinced and persuaded. You just need to remove obstacles between them and the sale.

Obstacles like lack of trust, or lack of familiarity. These are easy enough to assuage through effective communication. Bottom line: if you’re talking to people who already want to buy your product, all messaging should prove you’re the “safe” choice. The default. The sure thing.

You don’t have to be flashy or even be better than your competitors. You just have to show people they can trust you. Then close. No hyperbolic phrases or diluted “please everyone” messages required.


*Even Jordan Belfort, that famous ‘Wolf of Wall Street,’ only tries to close 1 in 4. He knows the other 75% just aren’t buying.

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