Sell With Your Face

This is something Dave Munson (Saddleback Leather) understands.  Dave doesn’t use product models, celebrities, or expensive, exotic locales to sell his bags.  Instead, he uses his dog, his family, and his own adventures and sense of humor.  The result is a product with personality. Even if you don’t buy a bag, the videos are apt to stick in your memory.

This is a great practice for any marketing video, but it’s doubly important if you’re selling a service. Graphs, pictures of your building, and stock art of handshakes are fine as window dressing, but sooner or later people want to know who they’re dealing with. If you’re selling childcare, financial advice, life coaching, or any other service, sooner is probably better.

So sell with your face.  And your personality. And your passions. When people buy your service, they’re buying you. Better to be open and honest about exactly what they’re getting. It might alienate some, but those it draws in will be fans from the start. Then all you have to do is continue being yourself. Which is a real relief, believe us.

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