Storytelling Techniques to Make Your Online Marketing Video a Viral Virtual Handshake

Online markevideo production company San Franciscoting videos are more popular than ever, and thanks to the explosion of mobile technologies, there are no signs of them going away any time soon. Videos have strong marketing influence, because people can view them anytime, anywhere, and share them easily with friends and family. You may be ready to try an online marketing video for your brand, but you may wonder how to spread the news without scaring your viewers away, like many marketing videos with poor or confusing storylines that are currently circulating the Web.

KISS: Keep It Simple and Strong

There are two basic rules you need to remember when developing an effective story for your video:

  1. Everyone loves an interesting story – No longer do people want to hear the same boring sales pitch telling them that a product is great, or that they should go out and buy it right away. Today’s consumers have heard it all, and they are tired of the same old song and dance. What they really want is to know your story, why you decided to sell your product or provide your service, and more importantly than anything else, they want to know why they should buy your product or service, and what it can do for them.
  2. Storytelling is has more punch than a sales pitch Many businesses have a tendency to cram as much information as possible into one online video, relevant or not, which overwhelms their audience and makes them want to hit the exit button as fast as possible. Storytelling solves this problem, because it is always engaging, and it can elicit an emotional reaction with ease, which creates a connection between you or your brand, and the consumer. With the right story, there is no need to include every single tidbit verbatim about your brand, because, with a solid story, you can include your information for viewers to discover behind the lines visually.

Use a Modern Storytelling Structure

Although many companies like to use the surprise factor by adding a twist to their story, marketing studies have revealed that the majority of video viewers respond positively to the modern storytelling structure in books, magazines and movies. The addition of an action item at the very end of the video makes it the complete marketing package. A classic narrative storytelling form includes the following components to tell your story in a clear and compelling way:

  • A brief, concise introduction
  • A protagonist with a clear goal
  • A problem or situation that needs to be solved
  • A point where the crisis or problem reaches a climax
  • A solution or resolution to the issue
  • A call to action or key takeaway

The Anatomy of an Effective Marketing Video

Now that you understand how to format your story in order to engage viewers, there are some tried and true tips that you need to utilize to add the marketing edge. When developing your video story, make sure that it has the following key characteristics:

  • Brief Yet Beefy – The videos that get the most views are no longer than three minutes at the very most. Show your audience that you value their time by keeping it short and concise. You may be surprised at how much information you can include in a 60-second video, which is optimal since attention spans on the Internet are generally short.
  • Relevant Yet Compelling – Start by understanding exactly who your audience is, and help them to discover themselves in your story by addressing their common concerns. You can accomplish this by asking a question, and then promising an answer at the end of the video.
  • Stomps Out Skepticism – Be upfront by telling your audience why you want to share your information and explain to them why it matters to them. You can take this chance to build trust with your viewers by being genuine and human; someone they can relate to with ease. Your story is their story, after all, so make them feel like they are an important part of it.
  • Never Leaves Them Hanging – Always end your video with a clear call to action, so your viewers won’t be left scratching their heads in confusion. Give them something concrete yet simple to do after your video ends, such as leaving a comment, using the information presented, viewing another video in the series, or how to contact you or your company. You can have viewers fill out a quick survey for special offers or discounts, or you can simply tell them where to go to order your product.

Remember, online video marketing is the next best thing to having potential clients standing in your showroom or company store, because you can share so much more than you can put down in writing on a webpage. By watching your story, viewers can connect with your personality; your energy and your body language, making them feel more as if they know you – a sort of virtual handshake that makes a solid connection. This encourages your audience to use your services or product, and to share your video, which helps get your message across faster, and to more people, with a minimal amount of time, effort and money.

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