You Can Only Sell What Customers Understand

Full disclosure: some of us display "honorary degrees" from the university of life.

This is something doctors have known for a long time, with their walls full of reassuring degrees, their white coats and their prescription pads. A good doctor does not give complex, Latin-laden explanations, or ask you to read their dozen-or-so publications, no matter how impressive those things may be to their colleagues. Instead, they say what’s wrong in layman’s terms, and give you a way to fix the problem as easily as possible.

The same rule of selling should apply to all professions.

Because it doesn’t matter how “expert” you are, or how brilliant your work appears to people with a deep understanding of your field. What matters is communicating value to the people who hold the purse strings.

Here are some things that matter to them:

  • How you treat them
  • How the end result of your work benefits them

A sales video best serves by focusing on these.

If you want to talk more about the theory of what you do, you can do a series of educational videos or blog posts (these actually help build the scaffolding of trust necessary to reach a sale, see: “Don’t Be That Guy”), but even in creating educational materials, you should keep your audience in mind. Remember: you’re not selling to yourself or to your industry. You’re selling to the client.

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